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The Future Demands More from Funding

For too long, investment has overlooked nurturing humanity’s full potential.

Current funding models fail to provide the mentorship, resources and empowerment required for the leaders of tomorrow.

Tomorrow demands a new model – one focused on nurturing capacity and promise with care.

It’s time for Nurture Capital.


FREYJA Group spearheads a new paradigm – Nurture Capital – holistically funding potential and purpose.


We connect siloed data and resources to activate and amplify existing innovation hubs, expanding resources where gaps remain. Unlocking potential for all.


Our philosophy empowers through mentorship and second-chance opportunities.

Real change starts with compassion and collaboration, not competition.


We believe in leveraging existing resources and taking an interconnected ecosystem approach.


We strive to bridge the gaps from idea to startup for overlooked entrepreneurs by providing access to global mentor networks, co-creation spaces, and integrated platforms.


This comprehensive environment empowers partners to build capacity, accelerate growth, and thrive.


Together we can nurture untapped potential – add your voice, resources, and vision by joining us now.


Winds of change

For too long, transformative ideas faced insurmountable obstacles between concept and startup. Systemic barriers limited access to the essential startup resources, funding,  and support needed to turn vision into reality.

But the status quo ends now.


Nurturing Potential

Conventional venture capital models have fallen short, failing to provide adequate access and support. In 2022, a mere 1.9% of VC funding was invested in women-led startups globally, perpetuating systemic obstacles to success.


Our revolutionary Nurture Capital approach is designed to directly address these shortcomings. Going beyond siloed financing, we provide holistic support including mentorship, resources, and global connections. This unprecedented model effectively bridges systemic gaps, empowering ventures to thrive.


Forging New Paths Through Cross-Sector Partnerships

Our portfolio of partners includes diverse changemakers across agribusinesses, fintech, microfinance, and more. These strategic collaborations converge sectors, creating an inclusive growth ecosystems.


In contrast, traditional funding models remain siloed, with only 5% of portfolios investing across multiple sectors. These fragmented approaches inhibit innovation, with single-sector investments achieving on average 29% lower long-term returns.


Our integrated partnerships dismantle divides by connecting complementary capabilities. Blended finance approaches leverage cross-sector collaboration to unlock $2.5 trillion in private capital for the SDGs.


By bringing diverse groups together, we are forging new paths to an equitable future.


Accelerating a Sustainable Future

We are expanding our influence by supporting ventures that utilize technology to address sustainability challenges. Climate-smart investments are projected to create 191 million jobs and $26 trillion in economic benefits by 2030.


We are strategically supporting ventures dedicated to addressing urgent environmental challenges. Our climate-smart partners utilize cutting-edge technologies to align profit with ‘humanity-centric’ innovation and planet-stewardship.


Erasing Divides Through Education & Technology

By providing access to our global ecosystem of experts and career development tools, we are empowering projects to overcome obstacles. However, significant gaps in skills training persist worldwide, with over 70% lacking adequate digital skills in emerging economies.


These divides inhibit inclusive growth and perpetuate high unemployment rates. Our targeted training initiatives help bridge barriers, connecting people, and projects to the resources needed to thrive.


We are committed to bridging gaps for rural and minority women by facilitating digital access. Digital inclusion has been shown to boost GDP up to 15% in emerging economies.

Opportunity for All: Building a Global Innovation Hub Community


Join the Movement!


Hope Rises When We Come Together – Join US!

At FREYJA Group, we leverage our international innovation center network and strategic partnerships, not to compete, but to fill systemic gaps by activating untapped resources and capacity for greater collective impact.


Our holistic Nurture Capital philosophy connects siloed data to establish a new inclusive approach, empowering through knowledge and access.


With our network of existing and emerging innovation hubs, we provide targeted support for economic empowerment, focusing on women, those seeking second chances, and underserved groups.


We take a humanity-centric approach that aligns interests, finds common ground, and progresses sustainable development through collaboration.


The Power of Partnership: Join Our Innovation Collective

We each hold a piece of the puzzle, a fragment of the solutions our world seeks. But alone we remain hampered, progress slowed. Together our potential compounds, resources magnify, impact amplifies.

Our missions unite us, humanity binds us, change compels us. Let silos crumble and hands reach across borders and sectors.

The time for unity is now.

Join our growing collective of innovation hubs, changemakers, visionaries. Bring your knowledge, resources, and community to the table so we can collaborate to uplift all people and our planet.

The future is calling us all to action – join us to answer together.



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