The FREYJA Journey:

 Our Origin Story


After a successful corporate career, including as EVP for a multinational chemical manufacturer, our CEO and Managing Director, Tavise Morabia founded her first firm in 2019.

This effort focused on empowering marginalized individuals to enter agribusiness and clean tech, and organically evolved into a hybrid mentorship program supporting youth entrepreneurs in Africa.

Sensing an urgent need for collaboration, Tavise left corporate America in 2021 to launch FREYJA Group – a platform for cooperation among historically disconnected groups. She recognized that only by building bridges could we effectively tackle the opportunities ahead.

FREYJA was founded on the belief that true progress requires inclusion, and our shared future depends on amplifying all voices. The journey begins by finding the common purpose.


Building a Global Community of Experts

Since making the first hire in 2021, Tavise has carefully built an unrivaled network of over 6,000 experts across sectors and regions.

Strategic growth over the past 18 months has expanded the FREYJA team into key markets worldwide. This enables us to facilitate connections between unlikely partners, driving cooperation and collective action.


Connecting Global Insights to Empower Climate Leaders

To make her vision a reality, Tavise and the FREYJA team spent 4 years attending summits and conferences worldwide. Together they gathered insights across climate investment channels to understand how to best direct resources for maximum impact.

With an unparalleled view into emerging opportunities, the FREYJA team formed connections between previously siloed groups. This allows FREYJA to serve as a convening platform, uniting cross-sector partners to define the next generation of climate leaders.

By connecting stakeholders and enabling cooperation, we aim to accelerate the transition to a sustainable future powered by clean energy and climate-smart innovations that drive change from the ground up.

Our work uplifts community-centered solutions that balance economic progress, social equity, and ecological conservation. By bridging information and resource gaps in collaboration, not competition –  we can, and we will empower the next generation of climate leaders to rise together.



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